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Uncover what matters

Schedule a 60-90 minute workshop to help you identify your core values and how they are impacting your decisions.

design your week

Schedule a 60-90 minute workshop to help you design your week based on energy rather than time.

Professional Coaching

Schedule a 60 minute session to explore a topic that you’ve been struggling with, in the safe space of coaching.


Evelyn will help you redesign your life so you can fit in everything you want to do without jamming it all in so forcefully that things start to break. She’s completely fluff-free and will only make suggestions that are practical, logical and actually doable in real life. Plus, you’ll have an awful lot of fun working with her.




When Evelyn reached out to me she already had a clear concept of the result she could deliver for her clients. Over the past year she has delved deep into multiple professional coaching tools and modalities to ensure her clients’ safety and speedy transformation. Evelyn has a unique way of blending her skills, experience and training together to create something that you simply cannot find anywhere else and has been an exciting student to work with. Her dedication to your transformation is assured.


LOrraine hamilton

professional ICF certified coach & trainer of coaches