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Frantic, Busy, exhausted,
brain-dead, wasted

… should never be words to describe a typical weeknight.  For too long we have accepted the myth that success requires constant hustle.  We all deserve to be doing the work we love and still have energy at the end of the day.

After spending 15+ years building a career I loved in the semiconductor industry, I found myself exhausted and unable to recharge.  Numb to my life and disconnected from my relationships I was forced to make a decision – quit my job or find a new way.

At Measurable Wellness, I share the techniques and insights that have helped me recover from burnout and reclaim my life outside of work.  They have been developed over years of personal trial and error and continue to be adjusted. I share our stories and challenges in hopes that anyone struggling with daily exhaustion will know that they are not a failure, not alone, and have options other than to quit the work they love.

I invite you to join a small community of passionate individuals (aka workaholics) who are ready to break the cycle of accumulating stress and exhaustion.

Here’s to a life blended anyway we want it!


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Evelyn will help you redesign your life so you can fit in everything you want to do without jamming it all in so force fully that things start to break. She’s completely fluff-free and will only make suggestions that are practical, logical and actually doable in real life. Plus, you’ll have an awful lot of fun working with her.


Sarah | entrepreneur & Mom

This was really impressive – it qualifies for a TED talk right away! I liked your engineering (simulink-ready 🙂 ) model of exhaustion, never seen that before. I think it’s the lucky coincidence of your talent for (1) introspection, (2) analytics, and (3) communication at the same time. Thanks again!


Ulrich | Engineer

Evelyn is a good listener, enthusiastic and respectful of others. She is able to open up new perspective by asking the right question to understand the situation. She transmits positive vibes and at end of each session you will feel energized to get started or continue full steam ahead with your adventure.


GIOVANNA | Engineer & Mom

When Evelyn reached out to me she already had a clear concept of the result she could deliver for her clients. Over the past year she has delved deep into multiple professional coaching tools and modalities to ensure her clients’ safety and speedy transformation. Evelyn has a unique way of blending her skills, experience and training together to create something that you simply cannot find anywhere else and has been an exciting student to work with. Her dedication to your transformation is assured.


Lorraine hamilton | professional certified coach

Wishing you Strength & Serenity